Thursday, December 31, 2009

June 2009


  • 3rd – 4th - Awards assembly at the Elementary school & last day of school.

Thias & his teachers
  • 4th – Went over to Tony & Jeannine’s for our last dinner and games together in awhile. Jeannine bought me the DVD “Wives and Daughters” as a going away present. LOVE that movie!!! It's almost up there with Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version)!
  • 8th – 13th – Took our family on vacation to Disney World with my parents (Magic Kingdom twice, Hollywood Studios twice and Epcot once). Than relaxed at the Parkway International Resort and went swimming one day . We all had a blast!!!

What is Brad doing Janet? Fun rides!

Seija with her princesses

The trip's not complete without seeing Mickey

  • 14th – 21st – Brad and I went on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise through Carnival Valor, while my wonderful parents watched the kids. Our ports of call were Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize, and Key West. Our shore excursions were Sea Trek, Kayaking in see-through kayaks and Snorkeling, Mayan Ruins Tour, and the White Knuckle Thrill Ride.

Our ship

Dinner on the ship

Clear kayaks

Some Mayan Ruins

Of course we had to take pictures of the towel art :)

Sunset pictures from the ship

  • 21st – Celebrated Father’s Day at my parents place

My super tanned family (they don't look like this anymore)
  • 22nd – 23rd – Traveled back to San Antonio and did the last bit of packing we had
  • 24th – Movers loaded the truck and we hired a cleaning company to clean the house (that was one of the best $175 I’ve spent).
  • 25th – Traveled to El Paso and went swimming at our hotel
  • 26th – Traveled to Gilbert AZ and stayed with Brad’s Uncle Kevin and Aunt Corilee
  • 27th – Traveled to SLC UT and stayed with Roger & Becky

Temple Square
  • 29th – July 5th – Traveled to and stayed at the cabin in Montana and celebrated Canada Day and the 4th of July with the family

Caleb & Matthias' fist time behind the boat - They did great!!!
The red cabin's in the background

The Bry-Jan Clan

Friday, December 25, 2009

May 2009


  • 2nd – Went over to Jim & Kristi’s house for dinner (and games of course).

The Jim & Kristi family
Taken at Garner State Park

  • 8th – We SOLD our house! We were so blessed to sell it within 5 weeks.

Bye-bye San Antonio
  • 9th – Cristina’s baby shower at Kerstin’s.

Cristina and me (Cristina I have a blog post in mind just for you - stay tuned)
  • 9th – Brad’s Graduation at the Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club. He did it finally!!! No more school (at least not full time anyway)!!! Brad’s Dad, Mom and Step-dad all were able to come down for the grad dinner. It was so nice to have them here.

Cronin & the graduating class of two

The graduating class and their happy spouses

Brad's Dad, and Brad's Mom & Step-dad
  • 14th – Jeannine threw a good-bye party for me.

  • 15th – Jennifer’s baby shower @ Crumpet’s Restaurant.

  • 19th – Jill planned a goodbye Girl’s Night Out dinner and a movie for me.
  • 21st – Kelly’s baby shower at MaryAnn’s

  • 23rd – 25th - Hung out in Austin with the Jim & Kristi family. Saw the Texas State Capitol. Went to the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the bats fly at dusk.

Texas State Capitol Building

The bats flying out of the Congress Street bridge at dusk

  • 25th – Cheered Brad on at the CapTxTri. Cheered on Jim and Scott also.

Go Brad go!

Go Jim! Go Scott!
  • 29th – My wonderful visiting teachers Jami and Nicole had me over for a good-bye lunch
  • 29th – My nephew Isaac was born.

Almost seems like I'm getting a nephew or niece each month doesn't it?
I almost was (Aug, Dec, Feb, Mar, May)
  • 30th – Alcott’s birthday party
  • 30th – Bob’s surprise birthday party

  • 31st – Larson’s had us over for dinner

  • Moving from San Antonio won't make me miss finding these little critters around my house. Well maybe the lizards, but definitely not the others critters (or fire ants).